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Welcome to Shields MRI, New England's Gold Standard in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Upon arrival for an appointment, patients can expect to be greeted by a friendly and experienced Shields medical professional who will explain your exam to you, making sure you are feeling relaxed and positive about your MRI.

Our technologists will explain in detail how long your exam will take, and will help you prepare for a comfortable experience. MRI machines utilize a close sequence or series of cross-section images that require patients to keep very still, and the scanner makes a loud “resonating” sound, so you will be provided with earplugs or a music headset during the exam.

Our professional staff will assist you in comforting small children with explanations and instructions at their level to help keep them still during their exam. Patients, who may experience discomfort with closed spaces, can utilize our newest Open Bore scanners that allow for more than 60 percent of all scans to be performed without putting a patient’s head inside the machine.

Shields patient support services also include multilingual education materials, patient transportation assistance, interpreter service, and an on-site patient advocate.

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